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Teasing photo messages for friends,
and people nearby.

The Dream

DigDuck was born from the desire to make photo sharing even more fun.

The Solution

DigDuck has developed a new social medium that leverages the power of temptation. It’s photo sharing – but with a difference. Users take a new picture, or photo from their roll, then apply a blurring filter and tempting caption. Viewers become intrigued and desperate to see what’s being obscured. They can then request the user to unlock the content, and reveal what has been hidden or obscured. As an added bonus, users get points for all the requests they receive to unlock content – and the points can be translated to discounts and benefits with a variety of DigDuck partner businesses and charities.

''Simple, fast and intuitive photo-sharing,
with fun functionality and unique business model.''

The status

The DigDuck team was founded in summer 2014, for a pilot launch 6 months later. A gradual development process saw a DigDuck pilot roll out to 1000 US users in spring 2015. In Summer 2015, the company secured further significant capital investment and recruited some new high-profile partners. Version 1 was launched and introduced to 10 000 new users. Two years later, and DigDuck is still growing strong.
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