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Handcrafted Explainer Video Production
Short, Simple & Engaging videos that everyone can understand!

The Dream

To use video to help people explain complicated messages in the simplest possible way.



The Solution

The aim of Simpleshow is to help people explain and present complicated ideas clearly and effectively. They position themselves as ‘experts in simplification’. The Simpleshow methodology involves comprehensive research into messaging and audience, that enables them to produce clear and simple video films that engage the target group in the most effective way. Using animated pencil drawings and carefully-scripted voiceover, the product is a brilliant ‘Simpleshow Explainer Video’ – highly appealing, engaging videos that neatly and clearly express the essence of customers’ desired communications. Their concept has been stunningly popular, and they are now producing around 200 videos per month, for customers large and small in the public and private sector all over the world.


“Simpleshow help people explain and present, complicated messages and ideas, clearly and effectively.”


The status

Simpleshow started out in Berlin and Stuttgart. Moving through Europe, with bases now in UK, Luxembourg and Spain, last year took them further still, to Miami, USA and Tokyo, Japan. The growth has been rapid, and there is no sign of it stopping.


“The growth has been rapid, and there is no sign of it stopping.”

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