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Innovate the way you buy, pay,
and collaborate with your suppliers.

The Dream

The TRADESHIFT dream is to provide all business users on the planet with cloud-based software to optimize business processes and generate value for all links in the supply chain.



The Solution

Building on the success of their award-winning debut invention – the world’s first large scale peer-to-peer infrastructure for e-business called Easytrade – the team, headed up by Danish Christian Lanng, developed Tradeshift, a cloud-based business network and free invoicing platform in 2010. The various Tradeshift solutions give companies intuitive cloud-based tools to ‘radically connect’ with all their suppliers around the world. Tradeshift solutions are designed so users can imagine and manage all supply chain processes holistically – procurement, payables, supplier management and more – giving impeccable and complete real-time supply chain insight and process management anywhere, all the time.


“Tradeshift lets companies ‘radically connect’ with all their suppliers around the world.”


The status

The Tradeshift team aims very high and very accurately. Currently in use in 190 countries, covering about 500 000 companies with millions of individual users, Tradeshift aims eventually to connect all of the world’s companies and business people via one agile, intuitive, must-have, value-generating business platform. We believe they will get there.


“Tradeshift aims to connect all the world’s companies on one shared platform.”

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