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Dr. Christian Fiil Lindekilde

Managing Partner, Founder

Black Swan Founder and Managing Partner, Christian, is a highly experienced UHNW financier with inimitable understanding of markets and investment opportunities. His research and analysis of Black Swan phenomena has informed the development of the Black Swan Objective Dynamics rating system, which is integral to the Black Swan portfolio growth.

With many years experience in start-ups and M&A’s, Christian comes from an executive position at UBS, Switzerland. Here, Christian spearheaded the development of the Nordic market for UBS. Further experience includes Vice President for Private Banking in the Nordic region at Credit Suisse, and some years as a specialized legal and financial M&A advisor. Christian has extensive experience as an independent VC, and is a skilled and sought-after startup-mentor. Most notable investments of recent years include seed investment in the Taxeo online VAT invoicing platform, and in Blue Town – a Danish company that is already enjoying impressive global success providing solar-powered wi-fi solutions to rural areas in the developing world.

Christian holds a Master’s degree in Business and Law, and a PhD in Mergers & Acquisitions.